We think that Sunday gatherings are a big deal for followers of Jesus. We are also convinced that in order to really follow him well, Sundays are not enough. That’s why we encourage every adult to join a group that is committed to growing and going deeper.

Here are some ideas for how you could take that next step and plug into the community here at Vriesland. 

Community Groups

Community groups are smaller gatherings of 8-15 people that meet in homes, at restaurants, and in the church. Each group has a slightly different feel but all are committed to growing in community, studying the bible, praying together, and discovering how Jesus has called us to be his witnesses in this place. The time is typically relaxed and provides not only an avenue to connect to others in the church but also a great opportunity to grow in faith and life.

If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to join a community group contact Pastor Blaine.

For Women

Vriesland Tables - This is a local expression of the nation IF:Tables that have sprung up in church communities around the country. These "tables" provide space for a handful of women to gather for an evening over some good food and take the next step (or first step!) in sharing life together. 

Women's book club - If you’re someone who loves to read, the only thing better than reading a great book is reading a great book with friends. The Women’s Book Club meets on the 3rd Monday of every month in a different home for a time of conversation, community, and fun. Women of all ages are welcome. For more information contact Marge Petroelje at 616.688.5461.

For Men

Tuesday mornings - Led by Pastor Blaine, we meet every Tuesday from 6:00-7:00am, in the Lobby of Vriesland. We're currently working our way through the Heidelberg Catechism, pausing along the way to follow plenty of rabbit trails!

Adult Classes

Personal Money Management - If you feel that you and your household should be at a different place with your finances, this class will show you where your money is going.  You will be challenged to manage money closer to what God intended.  We will cover daily spending, the debt snowball, bill paying calendar, checkbook register, monthly spending, and net worth.  You will be given a DVD from the renowned Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey to view before each class meets. This class is meeting on Sunday's from 10:45-11:30am at Vriesland in the Fellowship Room.

Israel/Palestine: Then and Now - Have you ever wanted to now more about the land of Israel/Palestine? Ever wondered about all the kings and prophets in ancient times - which battles was fought by whom and what king or judge ruled during which books of the Bible? Ever wondered about what is happening in the Holy Land today with walls being built and embassies being moved and terrorism and blood shed an ever present fear? If you desire to  know more about the history and current conflict in a land that 3 faith traditions call holy, come join in the learning and conversations meeting Wednesday’s from 6:45-7:45pm at Vriesland in the Chapel.

Opportunities to Serve

Kids Hope - A faith-based ministry that pairs church members with an elementary student from a local school. Vriesland is partnered with Adams Elementary. Kids Hope volunteers meet with the same student for one hour a week throughout the school year to build a relationship, help with schoolwork, and just have fun. Check out the Kids Hope website or contact Gayle at children@vrieslandchurch.org to find out more.

Host a Block Party - We would love to equip you to host a block party in your own neighborhood. We provide all the stuff and coach you through the process. You just need to be a host. This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and start building deeper relationships within your community. To find out more about what that might look like, check out our "block party how to."

Other things we're working on...

We think it's pretty important that everyone find a ministry or mission that they're passionate about. God has created each one of us in his image to join him in the work he's doing in the world. So we want to help you find that place where your passion and the brokenness of the world intersect and equip you for that work. 

Here are just a few examples of opportunities for mission that Vriesland partners are passionate about and working on right now:

  • Community Garden Ministry CSA: Planning for the future use of soil of Vriesland to harvest vegetables along with mentoring to the youth in the area during the planting and harvest.

  • Justice and Mercy Community Group: If you have a heart for serving those in need and advocating for the marginalized of our community, we hope you'll join us!  

  • Special needs ministry that seeks to partner "with" impacted families and not simply do ministry "to" them.

  • A Neighborhood Ministry Team, which visits neighbors around Vriesland and welcomes them to the area.