We are a community of faith that is committed to meeting people at their point of need and loving them in the way of Christ. 

The thing that compels our community, our service, and our love is the good news of Jesus. This good news of God's grace brings salvation to everyone who believes.

We believe we have been saved from the penalty of sin.
We believe we are being saved from the power of sin.
We believe we will be saved from the presence of sin.

This salvation comes by grace through faith in the person and work of Jesus. Not only has he rescued us from sin and death, but he has also given us a new identity and purpose in this life. We are children of God. We are subjects of the one true king. And we have been invited to join him in his ever-expanding kingdom mission in the world - to bring all things under the rule and reign of Jesus.

Our mission is to serve one another, our community, and our world with compassion and gratitude teaching everyone we meet to live and love like Jesus.

The Reformed Church in America

Vriesland Church is also part of a larger denomination, the Reformed Church in America (RCA). The RCA is a fellowship of congregations called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the very presence of Jesus Christ in the world.

You can discover more about the RCA and what it means to be a follower of Jesus by visiting the RCA website.