Matt Rose

I came to Vriesland in 2013, after spending three years eating lobster and cheering on the Red Sox in Boston. I was really there for seminary (Gordon-Conwell) but the seafood and baseball was a nice perk! I’m also a graduate of Hope College and Grandville High School.

It is a joy for me to serve alongside other gifted leaders in a church with such a rich history. I love that this place has a story and I’m glad to be a part of it. I enjoy teaching and have a passion for seeing deep, authentic, and contagious community formed here at Vriesland.

My wife Katharine and I met in 2006 and never looked back (at least that’s my version!). We now have three beautiful boys named Ezra, Simon, and Judah. Our current list of hobbies includes playing Transformers, listening to the Moana soundtrack, and getting into water fights at the Splashpad.